Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Treat Your Employees to Jiffy Lube VIP Cards FOR FREE This Holiday Season

We know sometimes it's hard to find a gift for your employees that shows them you value their time, their contributions to your company, and their hard work.  And in this tough economy, sometimes it's even difficult to come up with a gift that doesn't break the bank.  That's one of the reasons Jiffy Lube of Utah offers VIP Discount Cards for your employees--FREE to you!  Reward your valued employees with generous discounts on Jiffy Lube services throughout Utah.  It can boost morale and provide lasting benefits.  Simply follow the link and fill out the form for your Jiffy Lube VIP Discount cards.  They will arrive in 2-3 weeks.  Just in time for Christmas gifts.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Let Jiffy Lube Get You on the Road Safely This Thanksgiving!

If you are planning to leave town--and statistics show Americans are hitting the roads this season in droves--make sure your car is safe. Just in time for the holiday, Jiffy Lube is offering a discount for customers to receive the legendary Jiffy Lube Signature Service Oil Change (SSOC). If you need more motivation, just consider that this should be the last time a healthy vehicle will need an oil change this year, and a good SSOC will take you through all the holidays, including New Years.
Utah Area Jiffy Lube and all it's franchisees wish their customers the very best, and safest, of Thanksgivings.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Defensive Driving: Always a Priority

The Utah Safety Council sponsors a defensive driving course, always timely and always available.  It can benefit you if you have tickets on your record--attendees receive 50 points off their Utah driving record after having completed the course.  But more importantly, it can be an effective reminder on the how's and why's of safe driving.  You don't have to have points to take the safe driver initiative and complete the course.

The National Safety Council's Defensive Driving program offers practical strategies to reduce collision-related injuries and fatalities. It addresses the importance of attitude in preventing crashes, and reinforces good driving skills. Most importantly, DDC shows students the consequences of the choices they make behind the wheel, and puts defensive driving in a personal context. No other driver training program has a higher rate of success in reducing the severity and frequency of collisions for its participants than the National Safety Council's Defensive Driving Course. Study after study has shown that drivers who participate in the Defensive Driving Course average fewer collisions and fewer driving arrests than drivers who do not take the course. Offered locally through the Utah Safety Council, this course has set the standard in the industry for over 40 years, and continues to improve driver behaviors. Please register for the course beforehand.
Benefits of attending include:
  • Attendees receive 50 points off of their Utah driving record after completing the classroom course. Cost: $40.00
  • This course also qualifies for the Approaching Emergency Vehicles, required live course. Cost: $40.00
  • Most insurance companies offer those over 55 years of age a reduction in their automobile insurance when completing this course. (Please contact your insurance company to find out if this is an option). Cost:$10.00
  • If you have received a fine for not wearing your safety belt, you may reduce your fine up to $30.00 by attending this course. Cost:  $12.00
Click here if you wish to access the Online Defensive Driving Course.

Jiffy Lube of Utah wishes you safe driving this holiday season.  Here is a coupon to get you on your way smoothly and reliably.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Media Contest for Utah Teens--Don't Drive Stupid!

Utah teens, and parents of Utah teens who are driving:  being on the road can be dangerous, especially if you have a cell phone or are driving distracted, for any number of reasons.  That is the impetus behind the Don't Drive Stupid Campaign.  Utah teens can visit the link below for an opportunity to enter original art (posters, calendars) or videos (25 seconds long). The deadline is NOVEMBER 15th, so there isn't much time.
Twelve winners will be selected:
• First place: Poster will be used as the calendar cover. Winner will also receive an 
   iPod and iTunes gift card.
• Finalists (11): Placement of their poster as one of the months (February-
   December) in the calendar. Finalists will each receive an iTunes gift card.
   The winner and the 11 finalists will receive a copy of the 2012 Zero Fatalities 
Enter now!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Be Prepared For Whatever Utah Weather Comes Your Way....

Today was officially the first snow of the season--just exactly in time for November to begin.  Utah's Commuterlink program is designed to help locals do exactly that.  The degrees of caution are broken into green (low); yellow (moderate); and red (high.)  Commuter link also has live webcams and current updates on road blocks, accidents, and incidents that can affect traffic.  Check it out daily via the link provided to save time and hassles during the changing outdoor conditions.