Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sharing is Good!

At Jiffy Lube Utah we have decided to jump on the Facebook wagon and offer you some even better deals if you will share them with your Facebook friends. You can get a coupon for $7 dollars off our Jiffy LubeSignature Service® Oil Change, Using Conventional Oil any time by going to But now on our Jiffy Lube Utah’s Facebook page you can get an $8 coupon and turn it in $15 by sharing with your friends via clicking on the coupon.  So we confirm that the things you learned in kindergarten are still true: sharing is good!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

What Does Oil Do For Your Car?

Oil is an amazing substance. It is in all sorts of modern products that you would never suspect. Everything from plastics to floor coverings. It cools your engine and lubricates all your parts. Without it your engine would seize up and become useless in a matter of minutes. But even oil will begin to break down after a while. If you break down the engine of a car that has not had its oil changed regularly, everything will be black, and there'll be balls of burnt oil everywhere. It's generally known as gunk. Gunk kills cars. It makes it difficult for parts to work efficiently, but it also acts as an insulator that causes the engine to heat up. Heat kills engines.
Modern car engine oil is particularly helpful to cars because it contains detergent. What does detergent do? It breaks down the gunk found in an engine. This means that you can effectively take an old car and "revitalize" the internal engine parts by using modern oil. The oil will effectively clean up the gunk within the engine and help the engine run cooler. A cooler running engine is an engine that lasts longer. That means fewer repairs and less money spent.
Jiffy Lube naturally believes oil is one area where you want to spend money to buy the best product on the market. It is critical to the maintenance of your engine. Quality oil will help your engine last hundreds of thousands of miles. These days, that is money well spent since most of us aren't in a position to buy new cars. At all 63 Utah Jiffy Lube locations we use the highest quality oils available. Visit us today and enjoy $ off your next service. Add life to your car with these added savings.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Give your car some TLC!

Now that winter is winding down, here are two car services everyone should have done to give your car a little TLC after those harsh winter driving months. This will help your car recover from the toughest driving season of the year and ensure that it will be running strong for a long, long time.
1.      Fluids—check all automotive fluids and top off as necessary. Winter driving conditions require your engine to work harder and deplete fluid levels faster.
  1. Brakes—examine your brakes. Like wipers, brakes take on a bigger role during wintertime and should be checked to ensure they've survived.
At Jiffy Lube we can help you with the fluids and save you some money with the coupons below.  For the brakes you will have to go to another trusted provider. Just make sure you get it done, and drive safely into the spring and all summer long!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Is it time for a new battery?

Here in Utah it still feels like winter and nothing is more frustrating than a car that won't start on a cold morning, or even worse when you’re somewhere in the desert or remote mountains of Utah.

Everything starts with your battery.  If your 12 volt car battery doesn’t answer the call every time you need it, then it’s time to take action because you won’t get far with a dead battery. A battery that is 4 years old or older could go anytime. We suggest replacing a 4 year old battery even if it works. At a cost of $10 to $15 per year, a decent battery is a bargain. But whether, your car needs a full battery replacement or just some clean battery terminals, Jiffy Lube has a battery service that will help your car to remain a self-starter. Here's $10 to help you make sure your car is ready to go even in one of Utah's crazy spring snow storms.

For more information on what your car battery does and how to keep it working its best check out this link.