Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Oil Change...spring cleaning for your car!

With the beautiful weather this week many people have spring cleaning on their mind. Don't forget spring cleaning for your car. Jiffy Lube wants to remind you that it is important to change your oil every three thousand miles, or as reccommended by your manufacturer.  Motor oil gets contaminated by substances like dust, metallic shavings and even antifreeze. And did you know that the additive package, which is part of your fully formulated motor oil, will break down in time and become a contaminant, too?
As contaminants are whipped into the oil, sludge is formed. This sludge will stick to parts of the engine causing the engine to perform less efficiently.  Eventually, this sludge can cause engine failure.
Neglecting oil changes is hazardous to your engine's health, especially if you drive under severe driving conditions, which most people do. Severe conditions include making short trips, driving in stop-and-go traffic, extended idling, driving in dust or dirty air, towing trailers and cold weather driving.

So as you do your spring cleaning, remember your car. And here is a coupon to make it just a little easier on the wallet.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Should Bluetooth in cars be standard?

There is a lot of focus these days on finding ways to stop distracted driving. 10 states, D.C., Guam and the Virgin Islands prohibit all drivers from using handheld cell phones while driving. N.H. and Utah treat cell phone use and texting as part of a larger distracted driving issue. In Utah, cellphone use is an offense only if a driver is also committing some other moving violation (other than speeding). For a complete list of state by state cell phone and text messaging laws go to http://www.ghsa.org/html/stateinfo/laws/cellphone_laws.html

At Jiffy Lube we encourage safe driving at all times and here is an idea if talking on the phone while driving is important to you for business or personal use. 

Why not look into Bluetooth?

Bluetooth technology opens up a whole new world for cell phone users, especially those behind the wheel. Using a short-range wireless signal, Bluetooth phones can be used with Bluetooth-enabled cars to allow drivers to select contacts and dial using either voice recognition or controls mounted on the steering wheel and to carry out their conversations hands-free. 

It might even be a good idea to make Bluetooth technology a standard safety feature in all new cars. Airbags and seat belts are required, why not Bluetooth? Just think about it. How often to you see drivers talking on hand held devices and ignoring the road. It happens all the time. This is one idea that could help. 

At Jiffy Lube we are dedicated to keeping you and your ride alive! And here are some coupon to say thanks for reading.

Monday, April 2, 2012

What's your favorite car of all time?

For starters we want to thank everyone who participated in the Facebook coupon share last month. You nearly doubled your $8 coupon by sharing it with friends on Facebook. Stay tuned for more specials like this in the future. 

Now for some real fun!
I am going to depart from the typical Jiffy Lube blog today and get just a little personal. I want to tell you about the car that for me has always been the definition of cool. The car, of course, is none other than the Ford Mustang. The original Ford Mustang debuted in 1964 with a sticker price of $2368. 

Today the stripped down basic model will cost you at least 10 times that much and the 2013 Ford Shelby GT500 Mustang goes for close to $60,000. But even that is considered a great performance car within reach of the American everyman. That is part of what has created the Mustang legend. It may not be a Ferrari 575M, but it doesn’t cost $246,000 either.

The 1966 will always be THE Mustang for me. The semi-notched back and the almost petite lines make it a woman’s sports car in my mind, and well, I’m a woman.

Many people consider the 1967 Mustang to be the ultimate design in the 1960s. The back was redesigned with a full-Fastback roofline. A longer nose was added, as were triple tail lamps and a wider chassis. A bigger grille was also featured, giving the Mustang a more masculine appearance.

Admittedly, the Mustang wavered a bit in the late 70’s and 80’s. The 1979 Mustang looked WAY too much like the Crystler K car.

Fortunately the body style got back to cool by the mid 90’s, and the resurgence of the American car industry has fueled a desire to return to the strength and power of the muscle car’s glory days.

In 2005, Ford launched the fifth generation of Mustang. As Ford put it, “The new platform is designed to make the Mustang faster, safer, more agile and better-looking than ever.” In styling, Ford returned to the classic cues that made the Mustang popular to begin with. The 2005 Mustang featured C-scoops in the sides, a 6-inch longer wheelbase, and three-element tail lamps. In the performance arena, Ford said replaced the 3.6L V-6 with a 210-hp 4.0L SOHC V-6 engine. The GT model featured a 300-hp 4.6L 3-valve V-8 engine.

Whatever your definition of cool is for cars, Keep Your Ride Alive with Jiffy Lube's Signature Service Oil change. And here is $7 off to make it just a little easier!